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Brown Dog Backstory

Hey my name is Dan, I am the owner and founder here at Brown Dog Marine, formerly known as Brown Dog Millworks. 


I started this company in the summer of 2019 with a CNC machine and a hope for crafting everyday life custom creations. At the time I was still working at a boatyard, mainly installing electronics. This company quickly evolved from cutting boards and wooden signs to simple starboard bezels & hailing boards, but then I was asked to do a dash panel. Dash panels though something I anticipated to do here and there, swiftly took over my entire schedule. 


With a passion for boating and fishing every chance I get, this company rapidly grew in a short year and a half to a marine centered entity. 


We excel in customized dash panels for your boating needs. With my background in electronics installation I am well versed in different options. At Brown Dog we take into account all your boating requirements and want to craft the perfect dash for you. 


As Brown Dog has grown we have added products to our line up. As of 2021, Brown Dog Marine is proud to announce we are a certified installer of reFLEX marine decking.  Let’s discuss your boating needs and what we can craft for you. 


Follow us on instagram and Facebook to keep up with our latest releases. 

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