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Meet the Brown Dog, Mocha. This gem came into our lives December of 2018. She is the inspiration behind the name and the face of our first logo. 


Mocha enjoys standing in the rain & submerging herself in any water she can find from puddles to oceans. Her favorite toy is an old worn out frisbee, though we have gifted her a few new ones, she still insist on the dirt stained one with numerous holes. 


She attends every company meeting and keeps us straight! Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get all your Mocha spam!

Hey I’m Dan, the owner and founder of Brown Dog Marine. I think the about me page, says it all. I look forward to meeting you and helping you upgrade your boat. 

Hey Friends!


My name is Hanna! I am a jack of all trades here at Brown Dog Marine. If by chance you receive an email from a Mrs. Ewing, that’d be me. When Dan got his first CNC machine, I thought that he had found a new hobby. Oh how little did I know he would take his “new” hobby and still make it all about boats and fishing. 


I grew up in a barn, literally. Every waking hour was spent at the barn, playing with horses. I WAS a land lover! The beach wasn’t my thing, the pool wasn’t my thing, & fishing wasn’t my thing. But then I met Dan, who I loved enough to, try the things he loved. So NOW my feelings get hurt when fishing days aren’t planned around my full time work schedule. We fish rain or shine, sleep or no sleep, & cold or hot.


This Year we will be fishing every day possible for Cobia, as now I am hooked. 

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